We’re ready, Liberia. Are you?


TEDxMonrovia is the first of what we hope will be many TED events in Liberia. The main event will involve two sessions including inspiring speakers, TEDx videos from around the world, the very best Liberian musical performances and active network and community-building opportunities.

The main event will be livestreamed around Monrovia and its environs and will be followed by a nearby reception.

Leading up to TEDxMonrovia, a series of TED talk screenings will be held around Monrovia to promote the upcoming event and create awareness.


TEDxMonrovia is organized by a volunteer steering committee of Liberians, friends of Liberia, and a committed group of volunteer youth leaders- all of whom are passionate about the power of ideas.

This is a non-profit event with all proceeds going towards the event costs. No speakers have been paid. Contributions and donations are welcome from organizations and individuals who want to sponsor TEDxMonrovia.

At a glance

Date: Monday November 28th, 2016
Welcome: 3pm to 5pm
Session 1: 5pm to 6:15pm including 5 speakers and a TED video
Intermission: 6:15pm to 7pm in the City Hall garden, with food stalls, art work, entrepreneurs and more
Session 2: 7pm to 8:15pm including 5 speakers and a TED video
After Party: 8:15pm onwards, with live music, fashion, food and drinks (ticket includes food and one free drink)
Number of speakers: 10
Number of attendees: 400+


Doors to Monrovia City Hall will open at 12.30pm and we encourage everyone to arrive very early to get seats. You must check in with registration upon arrival and retrieve your name badge. We will have a coat check, and members of our concierge team will be available to guide you. Casual attire is absolutely appropriate and encouraged. During the event we will have one networking session in-between the two speaker sessions for 1 hour.

Cell phones must be turned off when inside the auditorium. No cameras or laptops will be allowed, except in the last rows, as not to disturb other attendees. If you are late to TEDxMonrovia, you will not be permitted inside the auditorium until there is a break between speakers.

Evening Events

Immediately after the final speaker, there will be an evening event that will run from 6pm to 10pm, and includes food, drinks and music!


There are numerous hotels near Monrovia City Hall with very reasonable rates. We recommend the Bella Cassa Hotel on 5th street in Sinkor.


We encourage you to take a taxi to the event. Parking is very limited at City Hall.